"Treat the Earth well. It
"The old Lakota was wise.
"Our world has enough for
"The good building is not
"Anything else you're interested in
"Man shapes himself through decisions
"All labor that uplifts humanity
"I'd put my money on
"The future belongs to those
"Only after the last tree
"We must go through a
"We are living in an
"If we do not change
"You can tell how high
"We share the earth not
"We are living on this
"Adopting the bold stance involved
"If everything seems under control,
October 2, 2009
"Treat the Earth well. It"The old Lakota was wise."Our world has enough for"The good building is not"Anything else you're interested in"Man shapes himself through decisions"All labor that uplifts humanity"I'd put my money on"The future belongs to those"Only after the last tree"We must go through a"We are living in an"If we do not change"You can tell how high"We share the earth not"We are living on this"Adopting the bold stance involved"If everything seems under control,